How To Choose The Right Size And Style Of Ceiling Lighting For Your Space


Choosing the Right Style or Size of Lighting for your space can be a daunting experience.

The lighting fixture in any room is a central piece and getting it wrong can seriously disrupt the look and feel of your space but on the other hand, selecting the right design can transform and add real character to a room.

This is so much true of lighting than any other interior decor element because it determines the projection and intensity of light which is critical for the overall ambience of the space.


So how do you determine the size of the lighting fixture in the room. This is relevant for Ceiling lights like Chandeliers, Pendant Lamps and Flush Lights.

The first step you need to take is to measure the size of the empty room.

For example:

  1. Measure the length and width of the room in feet.
    Example: 10 feet by 12 feet
  2. Add the two lengths together.
    Example: 10 + 12 = 22 feet
  3. Swap that value in feet for inches (so 20 feet becomes 20 inches)
    Example: 22 feet > 22 inches
  4. This is the ideal diameter for a light fixture in this room.
    Example: 22 inches wide


We have used the Harbour Glass Pendant Light to add Width to the Fixture. In open-plan spaces, like the Modern Kitchen, you can use multiple of Pendant Lamps to add extra depth or width if required. 

The symmetry here is key, ensure the pendants are equally spaced and use the calculation above to determine the space in between. 

This is particularly useful when choosing the light source above a kitchen island in open-plan spaces.


To determine the height of a light fixture that’s best for your space:

  1. Start with the height of the room (floor to ceiling) in feet.
    Example: 10 feet high
  2. Multiply the height by 2.5" to 3" per foot.
    Example: 10 x 2.5" to 3" = 25-30 feet
  3. Swap that value to inches (so 20 feet becomes 20 inches).
    Example: 25-30 feet > 25-30 inches
  4. This is the ideal height for a light fixture in this room.

So for this room, you’ll want to look for a light fixture around 22 inches wide and 25-30 inches tall.

You can also use Height of certain fixtures to add depth. The minimum requirement is to leave 7 feet for where people will be walking underneath the fixture.

With the Style Cluster of 6 Window Lights, we have used some adjustments to add depth to the fixture. This clever use of spotlight can also highlight a particular feature or area of your room.


How to choose the right size in Dining rooms.

Long rectangular tables work best with Ceiling Bars while circular tables match well with Pendant Lamps.




When placing a fixture over a table, make sure the width or length is at least 1 foot shorter than the total length of the table (or 6" smaller on each side).

Hang between 28" and 36" from the bottom of the fixture to the tabletop. 


  • Iva Popova